Sell your car the easy way

Selling your car shouldn’t be a hassle. Let us focus on getting you the right price for your car so you don’t have to. We’ll take all the hard work out of it so you’re free to spend more time on what you want to do.

How it works


Fast estimate

Want a quick price now? Give us a call and we’ll give you an estimate on what you can get for your car. All we’ll need from you is the make/model/year/kms and a few pictures to understand its condition.


Free on-site or virtual appraisals

Drop into one of our stores or we can organise a virtual appraisal. We can even arrange for the collection of your car.


Speedy payment within 24 hours

Satisfied with our appraisal price? We’ll pay you within 24 hours.

Selling your car should be easy

Sell your car the easy way

Avoid the trouble and expense of advertising your car on listing websites, put a stop to unwanted calls from tyre kickers and stop sitting around waiting for someone to test drive your car.

Trade to save

If you are after a new car, trade in your existing one as a part of your finance and save yourself the trouble of selling your existing car first.

Shop our huge range online or in-store to choose your next car. It’s easy as.

Sell us your car – even if you’re not buying

Want to sell your car but don’t need to buy a new one? We can get you a fast settlement with payment in 24 hours.

Get a free appraisal


Will you buy any car?

Yes. We will always give you a price on a car you’re trying to sell. That's because we're all about making car buying and selling simple. All you need to do is accept the appraisal price we quote and we’ll look after the rest. It’s that easy.

Do you sell all of the cars you buy?

Not every car we buy from our customers gets sold on our site.

That’s because we want every car we sell to be of the best quality possible. Every car we sell is easyauto123 Quality Verified. This means that all cars we sell must pass certain quality, safety and performance tests in order to be sold to you.

We have other disposal methods for the cars that we don’t end up selling at our own site.

What price will I get?

This is largely dependent on the quality of your car, its year of manufacture, service history and mileage. The best way to see what you will get is to bring it in for a free, no obligation appraisal.

My car still has finance owing on it, can I still sell it to you?

If your car still has finance owing on it, it’s not an issue. We will factor that into the final price you get for your car. You also don’t need to worry about settling your outstanding finance first before being able to go ahead with the sale. We’ll look after that as part of taking your car off your hands.