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Interior Car Care

Perfexion Interior Treatments

Protect the interior of your new car from spills and stains with our range of Perfexion Interior Treatments.

Whether your interiors are leather, fabric, plastic or a combination of all three, easyauto123 offers a line up of car care products that will keep your car looking brand new.

Perfexion Leather Treatment

With New Zealand's hot summers, the leather interior of your car can suffer from irreversible damage caused by the heat. Perfexion Leather Treatment employs a special formulation that deeply nourishes and seals leather, maintaining and preserving the new car look and smell.

In order to keep your leather clean and free of build-up, we offer Perfexion Leather Protection. Specifically formulated to actively resist all common contaminants including dirt, perspiration and body oils, it also protects against UV exposure that causes fading and cracking.

Perfexion Leather Protection comes with a warranty* against;

  • Fading and cracking
  • Food and drink stains
  • Perspiration stains
  • Dye transfer stains
  • Make-up stains
  • Ink markers
  • Pet stains
  • Odours

Perfexion Carpet & Fabric Treatment

Keep your fabrics fresh with our Perfexion Fabric & Carpet Treatment. The absorbency of most seats coverings and carpets means they can easily stain and scuff.

Perfexion Fabric & Carpet Treatment is a water-based stain treatment for use on nylon, polypropylene, wool and many other interior fabrics and surfaces. The binding agents within the formulation are designed to adhere quickly to the fibres of the material and ensure maximum protection against mould, mildew and bacteria.

Perfexion Carpet & Fabric Protection comes with a warranty* against;

  • Oil based food stains
  • Drinks and milk stains
  • Make-up and perspiration stains
  • Pet stains
  • Odours
  • General mud and dirt stains

Perfexion Vinyl Treatment

Give your vinyl and plastic car interior the best protection with Perfexion Vinyl Treatment. Using a special formulation, Perfexion Vinyl Treatment uses inhibitors to create a protective layer on the outer surface whilst preventing distortion, splitting and cracking.

Perfexion Vinyl Protection creates the ultimate defense against everyday wear, fading and stains, as well as protecting against UV rays.

Perfexion Vinyl Protection comes with a warranty* against;

  • Splitting and cracking
  • Perspiration stains
  • Make-up stains
  • Food and drink stains
  • Ink markers
  • Pet stains
  • Odours

*The Perfexion Warranty
All products come with a 10 year warranty on pre-owned vehicles except for the Perfexion Electronic Rust Module which has a 10 year warranty on vehicles up to ten years old or 5 years for vehicles up to 5 years old if driven on the beach. Appropriate module must be fitted to the vehicle.

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