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Insurance options

Protect your asset with our range of insurance options. From payment protection to Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, easyauto123 has got you covered. Our friendly team can assist you in finding the insurance plan that works best for you.

We make insuring your car easy with our affordable options.

Warranty Options

You can purchase a range of warranty options that will keep you covered. We can find a tailored solution to meet your needs from comprehensive coverage, longer term, additional claim limits and unlimited claims. It’s up to you!

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Introducing Schmick, the easy way to keep your car dent and scratch free. Offering a range of plans, Schmick can save you money in the long run by avoiding expensive excess on claims for minor scuffs and dings.

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Payment protection

Give yourself the peace of mind that if the worst happens, you and your loved ones won't need to worry about your car loan or repayments, with our helpful Payment Protection Insurance options.

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Comprehensive Car Insurance

Take out Comprehensive Car Insurance for peace of mind, knowing you will be covered when you are out on the road. With cars being one of the biggest assets we own, it's a relief knowing that you are covered if anything goes wrong.

Accidental damage to your car
Loss or damage by fire, theft, vandalism or natural disaster
Liability cover for damage to someone else’s property
Covers a number of additional expenses you might suffer if your vehicle is stolen or damaged.

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