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Perfexion Exterior Treatments

As soon as your new car drives out onto the road, natural elements will damage your car's exterior.

easyauto123 offers a line up of car care products that will protect the exterior of your car to keep it looking it's best for longer.
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Perfexion Ceramic Paint Coating

Perfexion CERAMIC Coating safeguards your car’s exterior finish. Formulated using the latest ceramic technology, the diamond-tough Perfexion range protects your new car against the natural elements that will cause damage to your exteriors.

The ultimate in paint coating ensures easier maintenance, better colour matching for touch-ups as well as enhanced water and dirt repellence.


  • Oxidation, fading and discolouration.
  • Loss of gloss.
  • Water spotting caused by acid rain.
  • Insect etching tar and road grime damage.
  • Natural environmental fallout.
  • Clear-coat separation caused by bird and bat droppings.
  • Clear-coat separation caused by tree sap stains

*The Perfexion Warranty
All products come with a 10 year warranty on pre-owned vehicles except for the Perfexion Electronic Rust Module which has a 10 year warranty on vehicles up to ten years old or 5 years for vehicles up to 5 years old if driven on the beach. Appropriate module must be fitted to the vehicle.

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