easyauto123 Quality Verified

Carefully chosen

Only cars that meet our strict vetting process get the seal of easyauto123 Quality Verified. We never sell cars that are written off, have finance owing or have salvage history. easyauto123 Quality Verified cars are typically no more than 7 years old, are in good condition and typically have under 150,000km on the odometer (or a few more if it’s a diesel). If a car has impeccable servicing history and passes our stringent mechanical, electrical and condition checks, it may also get the seal of easyauto123 Quality Verified approval.

120+ details we inspect

We spend hours inspecting and detailing our used cars to ensure they meet our minimum safety and presentation standards before they’re available for sale. Each used vehicle we sell is given a thorough quality check before being listed and anything that doesn’t meet our minimum servicing or safety standards is repaired or replaced by our highly trained technicians.

easyauto123 Verified means quality

All of our easyauto123 Quality Verified used cars are backed by our 7 day money back guarantee* and Best Car Price Guarantee*. We stand behind our cars… that’s why our easyauto123 Quality Verified used cars come with free roadside assistance. With easy access to the car history and inspection report, you’ll know everything about your new used car. No surprises so you can buy with confidence.

Every Quality Verified car comes with:

7 day money back guarantee

Free roadside assistance